LAN Extension
Local Serving Area
Our fibre networks seamlessly extend your enterprise to other business locations or to business partner locations throughout the local serving
area at speeds of 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

The Comcentric member service providers have deployed the BTI packetVX in its core network. This product is MEF 9/14 Certified and is MEF 2.0 Compliant with MEF 2.0 Certification expected before end of 2014.

Need to Reach Beyond the Local Serving Area?
Allow us to show you how we can securely connect distant locations to create a single managed wide-area network.

Within Your Business or Between Business Partners

Our regional Gigabit network allows each and every site to realize its maximum transmission rate at all times without fear of traffic collisions at a node or cluster.  Some traffic, such as video conferencing may require specific bandwidth to maintain service quality while the conference is active.   Other types of traffic such as medical imaging and potential Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic also require guaranteed access to network resources.

The ability to scale the network at each access point provides you with obvious flexibility in bandwidth provisioning and pricing options. 

The Comcentric network is capable of, but not limited to, transmitting any IP based service including and email and calendaring, video conferencing, teleradiology, file sharing, line-of-business applications, data warehousing/repository functions, and intranet services that may be required by your business.

Instant LAN Connectivity
Comcentric Networking brings your business locations together in the blink of an eye, offering customer-selectable bandwidths. We guarantee performance from our handoff to the far end of our backbone, with automatic account credits if Service Level Agreement parameters are not met.
Scalable Bandwith
Comcentric Networking grows easily and effectively with your business applications. Additional bandwidth, in the increments you need for
your business, are available on demand.

Comcentric Networking architecture delivers wide-area flexibility. Our fully-managed service also includes all necessary equipment, installation, set-up, monitoring, and on-going support, so that growing your network doesn't mean growing your support costs. Comcentric Networking can also provide
optional Internet access at each site in your network.

Uncomplicated Interconnection
Comcentric Networking has abandoned the architecture of traditional networks by offering a data-optimized alternative that eliminates unnecessary conversions, fewer opportunities for failure and greater reliability and data integrity. Simply plug your 10/100 network hub or switch into your new service and worry no more. 
Comcentric provides logical and physical diversity, backed by top quality performance management and network support.  With Ethernet handoff and IP protocol, Comcentric Networking is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing network.

Superior Customer Care
Comcentric Networking can deliver an optional suite of customer service features with all of our products, including: aggressive, enforceable Service-Level Agreements (SLAs); network monitoring; customer support and online customer-usage statistics.
  • Guaranteed on-time installation
  • Automatic account credit if SLAs are not met
  • Secure, Web-based customer portal for reporting on all service aspects
  • Customer-defined escalation reporting procedures
  • Network monitoring and fault detection 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Toll-free access to technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
At Comcentric Networking, the network starts with you. You choose the bandwidth that works for your business, from <1 Mbps on up to 1Gbps. You control your usage, using our real-time, Web-based tools to monitor your network statistics and service-level agreement reports. And you enjoy the bandwidth abundance that Comcentric Networking provides.
Max In: 789.4 kB/s (86.1%) Average In: 348.1 kB/s (38.0%) Current In: 393.1 kB/s (42.9%)
Max Out: 200.5 kB/s (21.9%) Average Out: 90.2 kB/s (9.81%) Current Out: 100.0 kB/s (10.9 %)
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