Comcentric Networking Inc. is the last mile Fibre Optic Gateway to Business, Government, Education and Health Care in the Counties of Huron, Bruce, and Perth.

The company can provide connectivity for you and your clients within the region terminating at a number of points of interconnection at or near the 401 corridor.

Services to end users are available from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps.




- HuronTel

This project is designed to service an area of 450 underserved homes along the Lake Huron Shoreline between Amberley and Port Albert, Ontario. Loop lengths will be reduced to between .8km and 3 km allowing speeds that will meet and in most cases far exceed the funding guidelines of 5/1 Mbps.

More information about HuronTel's project here.



- Hay Communications

Hay Communications has deployed a fibre to the home network for customers in Greenway, Corbett, and Mt. Carmel and surrounding homes and businesses. The access platform will provide up to gigabit Ethernet services and managed 2.4GHz 802.11n and 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The network will support voice, data, and video services. Dedicated fibers from our central offices will be used for future proofing and where services beyond 1Gbps are required. A 144 fibre optical cable will be installed from an existing Central Office in Shipka connecting to Mt. Carmel Dr to Greenway, and back to Mt. Carmel.

More information about Hay's project here.



- Tuckersmith Communications

Tuckersmith Communications is deploying a fibre to the home network for customers in Kinburn and Winthrop. The region villages 78 homes that will be connected by fibre, and the surrounding area will be served with a dedicated 1 Gbps fibre connection to the Arva Heights Grain Elevator where an existing Fixed wireless site currently connects 141 customers.

More information about TCC's project here.

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